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Microsoft Exchange Server Alternative

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Microsoft Exchange Server Alternative for Outlook folders sharing

OutShare provides an easy-to-apply, affordable and effective Exchange server alternative to Microsoft Outlook folders sharing and synchronizing. OutShare has been designed using the Microsoft .NET architecture and optimized for securely exchanging data over the Internet.
Unlike Microsoft Exchange Server you won't need expensive additional hardware or software, and an expert to install and use OutShare, and if you decide that you need one - we will install it for you* via our Live Support. You can choose between our hosted service and the in-house server*. OutShare can run on your existing network and hardware. Click to begin the trial here and start synhronizing and sharing your Outlook in minutes*.
Check the quick features' list below:

Share Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Documents and other folders
You can share Calendar, Contacts, as well as the Inbox and other Microsoft Outlook folders with your family and friends. Choose what to share using the appropriate sharing filters. Learn more.

2   Create and share Public Folders
With OutShare you can create, share and manage Outlook Public folders such as: Public calendar for Company (Family) events, Public documents library, Corporate Address Book, etc. Learn more.

2   Synchronize Outlook on multiple PCs. Be always in sync.
Synchronize all or chosen Microsoft Outlook folders between your own PCs. Learn more.

2   Share Outlook with non- Outlook users; Publish* your data on the Web
You can give access to a single item or to the whole Microsoft Outlook folder structure. Users will be able to access all your shared data via Internet Explorer through an interface similar to that of Outlook 2003. Learn more.

4   Outlook Web Access with OutShare (OWA) without Exchange
You can exercise the web access option that is included in every pricing plan and gives you access to your Outlook information via a Web browser, as well as the ability to publish* your Outlook information on the Web, and even share it with people who do not use Microsoft Outlook and have no account with us. Learn more.

Still have questions about OutShare? Contact us, go to Help Center,
or call us at: +1 (954) 796-8161 (USA), +44 020 3371 8464 (UK),
+1 647 477-3340 (Canada), +33 01 72 81 38 36 (France).
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*some of the features may not be included in the current version
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