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Share Outlook Tasks folder

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Sharing Microsoft Outlook Tasks folders with OutShare

OutShare provides the functionality to share Outlook tasks without the Exchange Server. Just like sharing Outlook Calendar information, with OutShare you have to choose between the two basic scenarios: work with the shared Personal Outlook Tasks folder and shared Outlook Public Tasks Folder. You can learn how to share Outlook Tasks from the previous steps "3", "5" and "7".
If you are planning to share the Outlook Tasks folder with your own self on your other PCs (laptop or desktop), use the OutShare Outlook synchronization feature: just install OutShare Synchronizer on the other PC and log in with the same login information that you already have. The program will automatically synchronize Tasks and other Outlook folders. All the tasks information will appear identical with the information on your first PC.
As soon as your shared Task folder is synchronized with OutShare, you will also be able to share either a single task information or your whole Outlook Tasks folder with non-Outlook users and even those who do not have accounts with us. Learn more.

Microsoft Outlook Shared Tasks and shared Outlook Public Tasks folders
If other users are sharing with you their personal Microsoft Outlook Tasks folders, they will appear in an easy-to-find Outlook folders structure. If you want to look closely at your employee's tasks list, ask him/her to share the Personal Outlook Tasks Folder with you; and if you want your secretary to help you manage your task list, it is preferable that you share it with him/her.
For your Company's (family's) common tasks, milestones, or To-Do lists, to create a Public Tasks folder is the best solution.
Outlook Tasks sharing folders structure Outlook shared Public Folders structure

2.   Share Microsoft Outlook Tasks folders with OutShare with confidence .
With OutShare, you can create as many shared Outlook tasks folders as you want and with whomever you want, and be confident that you have complete control of determining who is allowed to share and manage your MS Outlook Tasks information. OutShare's security gives you flexibility in determining what people can see and do in the shared folders.
To read more about OutShare's users' permissions and security click here.

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