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Microsoft Outlook Web Access - OutShare OWA

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Microsoft Outlook Web Access* with OutShare

OutShare Outlook Web Access or OutShare Web Access Engine (OWA) is a webmail service of 4Team Exchange Server (OutShare Service). OWA allows you to view your synchronized Outlook folders, folders you share with other users and all public folders on the Web the same way you do it in Microsoft Outlook.
OWA is used to access e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and other mailbox contents while on the go or to share or publish your Personal or Public Outlook information on the Web. OutShare OWA allows any client with a compatible Web browser to remotely access any synchronized Microsoft Outlook folders with enabled OutShare OWA service . Most of the functionality in Microsoft Outlook is also available in this web Outlook-look-alike.
OutShare OWA can be used from any location that provides connectivity to the Web or network where 4Team Exchange server is installed.
1. Outlook web Access with OutShare.   Access your Outlook data via Web browser
Since your Microsoft Outlook folders are in sync on your PC(s) with OutShare Synchronizer, all the synchronized Outlook data is available through the 4Team Exchange Server database (OutShare Web Access Service), and you can easily access it via a Web browser using a secure-by-default SSL connection and your OutShare login information. You can synchronize important documents and have a remote access to them while on the go. You can manage* and share all your Outlook data via OWA in the way you do it in Outlook. With OutShare Outlook Web Access you can check your email on the Web from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Access your Outlook data via web browser

2.   Share Outlook data with users without Microsoft Outlook
An OutShare user can give access to the synchronized Outlook folder/item on the Web to any person, no matter whether this person is another OutShare user or not. The user will be able to access all your shared data via Internet Explorer through an interface similar to Outlook 2003. When you give Web Access to your Outlook folder/item, a unique Web link is generated for the folder or item, so that the other user could open it and access the folder/item, on the Web by using OutShare Web Access Engine. This link will be valid for a certain period of time that you yourself can specify. With simple script* you can add/publish this shared dynamic information to/on your or your company's calendar, contact or task list, or add a single item to your intranet or public Web page, blog and access it anytime from anywhere via a compatible web browser. As simple as that: create a special Calendar or contacts list, share and publish it on your Web page with a few clicks. Any changes will be published immediately (automatically after each synchronization), and available via the Web.

Set web access and share Microsoft Outlook

3.   Microsoft Outlook Group calendar via web browser (Google Calendar like)
1. Select Calendar tab. 2. Chose and select shared Calendars that you wish to view right alongside your own. 3. Different Calendars events automatically have your own color.

Set web access and share Microsoft Outlook


Remove Microsoft Outlook OWA duplicates and unwanted items
"Delete" is available from the "Right-click" menu on selected item. Export item content to cvs, vcard or vcaledar format file.

OWA delete duplicates
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*some of the features may not be included in the current version
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