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When you initialize the 'Set User Account' Wizard in order to set a particular account for working with OutShare Synchronizer, during the first step of the Wizard the 'OutShare Synchronizer Login' form is opened to enter your login details and log in to your Service Account.

  1. Enter the login string E-mail, Service Account name\E-mail, or Service Account name\Alternate login on the 'Login name:' edit field. If you have one user account registered with a certain e-mail address, you may enter only the login e-mail on this edit field. Yet, when the same e-mail address is used as the login e-mail for several Service Accounts, you need to enter the login string in the following format: Service Account name\E-mail.

  2. Enter your password on the 'Password:' edit field.

  3. Click the Log In button.


If you wish the system to remember your entered password on this computer so you would not need to enter it again when logging in to OutShare Synchronizer, select the 'Remember my password' check box located on the lower side of the 'OutShare Synchronizer - Login' form.



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