Manage OutShare licenses

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When you navigate to Licenses on the tree view pane, License details pane is opened on the left-hand side of Service Account Administration console window. This pane represents the basic information about the acquired OutShare licenses, and holds the control elements for further license activation and distribution.



Within the 'OutShare Synchronizer licenses' group box, the following information is displayed:


Within the 'Web Access Engine licenses' group box, the following license information is presented:


Within each group box, Assign... and Activate.../Reactivate... buttons are located. Clicking the Assign... button opens the 'OutShare License Assignment' form designed for distributing OutShare licenses between users and departments, setting the number of devices the user can synchronize his data from (for OutShare Synchronizer licenses), and specifying the rules for automatic license assignment. Meanwhile, clicking the Activate.../Reactivate... button opens the 'License Activation' form to enter your Activation Code for the acquired OutShare licenses.


How to:

Arrange OutShare Synchronizer licenses;

Arrange Web Access Engine licenses;

Activate and reactivate OutShare licenses;

View & remove licenses assigned to Service Account users


See also: Assigning licenses to users and departments