View & remove licenses assigned to Service Account users

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You can view and remove OutShare licenses assigned to users of your Service Account on the 'Licenses' tab of the 'User Details' form.

To access the 'User Details' form 'Licenses' tab,

  1. Navigate to Service Account, Departments and Users or a certain department the needed user is assigned to on the tree view pane.

  2. Apply one of the following actions/sets of actions:




On the 'Licenses' tab of the 'User Details' form, all relevant information about OutShare licenses assigned to the selected user is represented:


Select the needed application - OutShare Synchronizer or Web Access Engine - on the text box and click the Remove License Assignment button .



Note: To modify license assignment settings for a certain user, e.g., change the number of devices the user can synchronize his Outlook data from, you will need to apply these changes on the 'OutShare License Assignment' form.


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