Presenting the main Web Access Engine window

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The main Web Access Engine window looks the same as your Outlook dashboard, and it as well holds a set of additional control elements that provide commands available in OutShare Web Access Engine.


The commands provided on OutShare toolbar are the following:

Toolbar button


Go to Dashboard

Redirect to the main OutShare Web Access Engine page (dashboard).

Open in New Window

Open the main OutShare Web Access Engine page (dashboard) in a new window.


Reload your synchronized and public folder data from OutShare server.


Print the content of the folder selected on the Navigation pane, i.e. print the view displayed on the center pane of the main window.

Export to a File

Open the 'Export to a File' web form to export the content of the folder selected on the Navigation Pane.

How to: Export folder/item content to a file

Set Web Access link

Open the 'Set Web Access Link' web form to set and/or manage (i.e. update, e-mail, copy, delete) Web Access link for the folder selected on the Navigation Pane.

How to: Set Web Access link

Tell a Friend

Open the 'Tell a Friend' form to invite your acquaintance to use OutShare.

How to: Invite your acquaintance to use OutShare


Access online Help documentation.

Log Out

Disconnect from OutShare server, i.e. finish your current session with OutShare server.


When you navigate to a certain folder on the Navigation Pane, a new toolbar appears below OutShare toolbar. This toolbar provides the main viewing (arrangement) options available in Microsoft Outlook:

Control element


Up One Level

Navigate one level up on the Navigation Pane.

Reading Pane

Show/hide item Reading Pane.

Group by Box

Enable/disable grouping the items in a view by your selected field.


Show/hide the first three lines of messages in the center pane (for Mail folders).

"Current view:" combo box

Choose the preferred View available for the selected folder type.

For Calendar folders:


Show Today’s calendar (Day view)


Show Day view for the selected day; by default, clicking this button opens Today’s calendar.

Work Week

Show Work Week view


Show Full Week view


Show Month view


Shortcut menu on your synchronized Outlook folders/items as well as shared* and public folders/items provides the commands to:


When you open the item, the toolbar located on the top of the new Window provides to commands to:



* You cannot set Web Access links for the shared folders and containing item.

** In order to open the folder or item you can simply double-click it on the Navigation/center Pane.


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