Manage Web Access links

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OutShare Web Access Engine provides the functionality to view, update, copy, delete and send by e-mail all your generated Web Access links in a single web form.



'Manage Web Access Links' web form indicates detailed information of your generated Web Access links and holds the appropriate control elements for link management.


On the top of this form, information about the generated links is presented on the first six columns of the table:

Column header



Displays an icon representing Outlook folder/item type (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks).


Item Name

Name of the folder/item the link was set for.


Full path to the relevant folder/item.


Created On

Date and time when the link was generated.


Expires On

Current expiration date set for the Web Access link.



Current link status (Active or Expired).


The two final columns in this table contain command buttons:

Command button


Activate Web Access link for the next 30 days, i.e. update the current expiration date of the link by 30 days.

Deactivate Web Access link, i.e. reset the expiration date of the link to the present moment.


Each row in the table contains these two buttons as the commands they execute are related to the links represented on the corresponding rows.


The information about the Web Access link selected on the table is also displayed on the right side of this form.


On the left side of the 'Manage Web Access Links' form another table is located that represents the information about the visits made to your generated URLs:

Column header


Visitor Name

Displays the name of the person who has visited the link selected on the table above.

Visited On

Displays the date and time when the selected link was visited.


Using the control elements embedded in the 'Manage Web Access Links' form, you can perform the following actions:



 Note: You may also manage the generated Web Access links using OutShare Synchronizer integrated into Microsoft Outlook. Likewise, the administrator of the Service Account can manage all the links set for public folders and containing items using Service Account Administration console.


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