How to use Web Access links?

Click on the underlined links to find out more.


If you have been given a Web Access link to other person’s Outlook folder or particular item, you can use it by simply following (clicking) the given link. Likewise, you may enter this link in your Web browser and click the Enter key on the keyboard (or left-click the mouse).

Afterwards, OutShare Web Access Engine is opened and the contents of the folder/item for which the link was set is displayed. All the data is arranged in same way as in Microsoft Outlook. You can filter items in the folder the same way you do it in Outlook.


Additional information displayed on the top left corner of the web form is:


On the top right corner of the current form additional control elements are located so you could:


  1. Enter your login on the 'Login:' field in any of the available formats, i.e. E-mail*, Service Account name\E-mail, or Service Account name\Alternate login.

  2. Enter your password on the 'Password:' field.

  3. Click the button.

  4. Follow the link My Account located on the top of the updated window. 



* Your e-mail address serves as the whole user login when it is registered in only one OutShare Service Account.


* See also: Set Web Access link; Manage Web Access links