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When you click the link My Profile located on the upper right corner of the main OutShare Web Access Engine form (dashboard), the 'User Profile' web form is opened in a new window. The data presented on this form is arranged in two tabs:


The 'General' tab contains your previously entered* personal details


The 'Security' tab contains your OutShare user login and the button meant for resetting your current password.

Your login is presented on two separate fields. On the first field the login is indicated in the following format: Service Account name\E-mail; on the second one Service Account name\Alternate login:



* Some of the personal details (e.g. your first and last names, e-mail address) are required during your OutShare account registration. You can edit your profile on the 'OutShare Settings' form 'My Profile' tab in OutShare Synchronizer. Also the administrator of the Service Account you belong to can record and change your personal details (e.g. occupation, address, phone numbers, etc.) using the Service Account Administration console.


* Note: You can review and/or change your login information e-mail address and alternate login on the 'OutShare Settings' form 'My Profile' tab in OutShare Synchronizer.


How to reset my password?