Step 2. Enter security information

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Prior to continuing the new Service Account registration, the e-mail address you have entered is verified if it is valid and if it is not already related to another OutShare Service Account. In case there is another OutShare account registered to the specified e-mail, you will be informed about it during the second step of registration:



When you choose to continue the new Service Account registration, you need to enter the relevant security information. Security information contains two groups of data:


While using 4Team OutShare applications and services, a situation might occur that you forget your login and/or password meant for logging in to your Service Account. Therefore, when registering a Service Account you are asked to select a secret question and enter a particular answer to it. This information is used by the system when you need it to remind of your password and you do not have an access to your indicated e-mail.

  1. Select a secret question to write a particular answer to on the 'Secret question:' combo box;

  2. Enter an answer to the selected secret question on the 'Answer:' edit field. We recommend entering an answer that is easy for you to remember.


Login and password are necessary for the user to log in to OutShare Service Account he/she belongs to. Yet, both e-mail and an alternate login can be used as a part of* the user login. Alternate login is a user-defined string that may contain the symbols A-Z, a-z and 0-9.

  1. Select the 'Create an alternate login' check box;

  2. Enter a suitable alternate login on the Alternate login: field right next to the Service Account name.

  1. Enter a suitable password string containing no less than 5 and no more than 15 symbols on the 'Password:' edit field.

  2. Confirm (re-enter) your password on the 'Confirm password:' edit field. Please, note that the password and confirmation should match exactly.



You may also utilize other command buttons situated on the bottom of the current page to perform these actions:


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* When an e-mail address is registered in only one OutShare Service Account, this e-mail serves as the whole user login. When the same e-mail address is related to several OutShare Service Accounts, in order to log in to a certain Account the user has to enter the login in the following format: Service Account name\E-mail or Service Account name\Alternate login.