Forgot your login?

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To resolve the situation when OutShare user forgets his/her login meant for logging in to the Service Account he/she belongs to, 4Team OutShare contains the Login Reminder that provides the means for reminding the user of his login at any time.


  1. Access OutShare Web Access Engine.

  2. Click the link Forgot your login?  on the ‘Log in to OutShare’ web page.

  3. Enter your registered e-mail address on the 'E-mail:' field.

  4. Click the button.


Afterwards, your login details are retrieved from OutShare server and sent to your registered e-mail by OutShare Service Support. The Login Reminder will inform you about the performed action, and provide the Log In button so you could go directly back to ‘Log in to OutShare’ web page.



* See also: Forgot your password?