Custom Wizard Step 3: Specify filters for first synchronization 

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During the third step, specify filters for first synchronization.

When the folder is synchronized for the first time, additional filters are available for first folder synchronization. These filters are called first synchronization filters. Folder items that match such filters are excluded from synchronization and will never be synchronized in the future, unless you resynchronize the preferred folder in Synchronizer. When you set first synchronization filters using Custom Wizard, they will remain the same for all folders of the same type (E-mail folders, Calendar folders and Tasks folders).

Filters for first synchronization are set for all folder types by default.

If you don't want to set first synchronization filters for the certain folder type, clear the corresponding check box.

Note: If you haven't set up folders of the particular type for synchronization during the second step, check box for this folder type is disabled.


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