About Web Access

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OutShare Web Access Engine is a component of the OutShare solution which allows you to view your synchronized Outlook folders, folders you share with other users (i.e. folders other users have given you access to) and all public folders on the Web the same way you do in Outlook. In order to use the Web Access Engine, you should have a Web Access Engine license.

An OutShare user can give access to his synchronized Outlook  folder/item on the Web to any person, no matter whether this person is an OutShare user or not. This OutShare feature is called Web Access.

When you give Web Access to your Outlook folder/item, a unique Web Access link is generated for the folder or item, so other users can open it and access the folder/item on the Web by using the OutShare Web Access Engine. This link will be valid for a particular period of time that you can specify yourself (this period can't exceed the one set by the administrator of the Service Account (Service Account administrators can administrate the Service Account they belong to and the users' details within this Service Account. Additionally, they can administrate public folders within their Service Account) in the OutShare Service Account Administration application).