About the Sharing settings tab

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The Sharing Settings tab is opened, when you click its title on the right pane of the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form. This tab allows you to start/stop sharing a selected folder, to set and manage sharing filters for a folder or to apply the same synchronization and sharing settings to all subfolders of the particular folder, which have the same type.

Show/Hide list of controls

Control element


Permit access to the folder to other users check box

Enables to start sharing the selected folder with other users

Set permissions button

Opens the Permissions form, where you can manage user permissions for a particular shared folder.

Apply filter check box

Enables you to apply the preferred sharing filters for the selected folder.

Sharing filter description text box

Shows the description of all filters applied to items in the selected folder, if itís set up for sharing.

Change button

Opens the Sharing Filters form for the current folder if it is set up for sharing. You can set filter settings for the folder which is being shared for the first time or change previously set filters.

Reset to default filters button

Resets sharing filter settings to default filters.

Clear filters button

Clears all sharing filters for the selected folder. This means that no filters will be applied to current folder at all.

Set same settings for all check box

Sets the same synchronization and sharing settings for all subfolders of the selected folder, which are of the same type as the parent folder.

Apply button

Applies changes made to settings of a particular folder in all three tabs on the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form (Synchronization Settings tab, Sharing Settings tab and Shared Folder Users tab).


Note: If there is no connection with the server, the contents of the Sharing Settings tab and all the controls are disabled.


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