About OutShare Folders

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OutShare folders comprise two folder types:

Public folders are folders created within the particular Service Account (Service Account is the space on the server where the personal data of each user, created within this Account, and public folders data, common to all users, is stored. The size of the particular Service Account and number of its active users are limited by the type and number of purchased licenses. Each Service Account has a unique name). They are common to all users of this Service Account and can be used by them according to permissions given by the Service Account administrator(s) (Service Account administrators can administrate the Service Account they belong to and the users' details within this Service Account. Additionally, they can administrate public folders within their Service Account) or users who have the 'Set Permissions' permission. Public folders do not have an owner, that is, they do not belong to any one user of the Service Account who has access to them, but only users of this particular Service  Account can access public folders created within it. Public folders are updated during the process of synchronization. All public folders are accessible from your Outlook Navigation Pane.

Shared folders are Outlook personal folders for which the owner of the folders grants access to other OutShare users. These folders can be commonly used by all users who share them according to given permissions. All shared folders are accessible from your Outlook Navigation Pane.

Both public and shared folders' properties can be viewed on the Public Folder Properties form. Additionally, public folder properties can be set on this form, if the user has the 'Set Permissions' permission for this public folder.

Note: All of your public folders and shared folders are stored in a separate .pst file on your PC, on which 4Team OutShare is installed.  For more information about .pst files, please refer to Microsoft Outlook Help.