Access your Outlook data without Outlook via the Web browser with similar to the Outlook webmail interface anywhere with the Internet access. All your inputs* will be synchronized with your Outlook. In addition to Outlook-like functionality, we plan to build advanced Master Calendar, Dashboards, and CRM-like functionality, etc.


Sharing Outlook data with users without Microsoft Outlook is easy with OutShare Web Access Engine. In a few clicks will you be able to create a link to your Outlook folder or selected items and send that link to your colleagues without Outlook using the built-up service, e-mail, or instant messaging. They will be able to use the link and view your shared data in a similar-to-Outlook interface. E.g., you can use it for your family, a community or corporate calendar.


Save your Outlook folders or items to a delimited file, vCard or vCalendar file format, to be able to easily share it with colleague or use it to synchronize with your other devices like iPod, PDA, Palm, cell phone, etc.


*Some functional features are limited in the beta version and will be added in future versions.


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