Types of users you can share your folders with

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You can share your Outlook data with users belonging to different user types.

Types of users you can share your Outlook folders with:

These users belong to the same OutShare Service Account (Service Account is the space on the server where the personal data of each user, created within this Account, and public folders data, common to all users, is stored. The size of the particular Service Account and number of its active users are limited by the type and number of purchased licenses. Each Service Account has a unique name) as you.

These users belong to other OutShare Service Account(s).

These users do not belong to any OutShare Service Account as they do not have 4Team OutShare installed on their computer(s). When you permit access to your Outlook data to such a user, he receives an e-mail with an invitation to install 4Team OutShare on his computer and start sharing your Outlook folders with you.

Important: It is necessary to remember the main rules for sharing your Outlook data with different user types.


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