About OutShare Synchronization and Sharing Wizard

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Synchronization and Sharing Wizard is a component part of 4Team OutShare (for Microsoft® Outlook®) package software that allows you to quickly configure synchronization and sharing settings for the selected folders. You can choose to start either Simple or Custom Wizard:

Besides, Simple Wizard allows you to choose your main Outlook folders (Contacts, Tasks, Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts and Calendar folder items) to be shared, select the users to share these folders with and to set up sharing permissions which will be the same for all sharers. Default sharing filters are applied for all folders set up for sharing depending on the folder type:


Additionally, Custom Wizard enables you to select the preferred synchronization type, to set up first synchronization filters and to select options for duplicates and conflicts resolving.

Important: Synchronization and Sharing Wizard doesn't allow to change synchronization and/or sharing settings for folder if these settings have been configured for the folder previously. However, you can always change settings for the preferred folder on Synchronization and Sharing Settings form of OutShare Synchronizer.


You can start Synchronization and Sharing Wizard in the following ways:




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