about Sharing filters

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Sharing filters allow you to selectively choose what folder items will be shared with other users, and only those items will be accessible to all users of the selected shared folder according to their permissions.

You can set the preferred sharing filters on Sharing Filters form depending on the folder type.

Note: When you set a folder for sharing, default sharing filters are set automatically for each folder depending on its type.

If you don't want to share messages with the particular sensitivity, select the Normal, Personal, Private or Confidential check boxes next to the preferred sensitivity types.

Select the Share only e-mail messages that check box and the Are from/Are not from radio button to share only e-mails received from particular Contacts.

On the Filters set for folder synchronization: list box a description of the filters which were set for folder synchronization is displayed.

Important: If particular items in the folder were excluded from synchronization when configuring synchronization settings for the folder, these items cannot be shared.