how to set/change synchronization filters

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In order to set/change the synchronization filters for a particular folder, do the following:

  1. Open the Synchronization Settings tab on the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form and select the preferred synchronized folder on the Tree view.

  2. Select the Apply filter check box if it is cleared.

  3. If you wish to change the default filter settings or synchronization filters which have been set for the folder previously, click the Change button. The Synchronization Filters form for the selected folder appears. Note that different synchronization filters are applied depending on the folder type. Select the preferred filtering options and click OK.

Note: You can change synchronization filters only if the Synchronize this folder and Apply filter check boxes are selected.

  1. Click the Apply button on the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form to save the changes.

  2. Select the next folder to continue with synchronization settings, or click OK to exit the form.

Note: By default, for all folder types item attachments are not synchronized. Also, for Calendar folders birthdays of your Contacts are not synchronized.


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