Step 5: Select OutShare license type

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During the fifth step of the Wizard, you can select 4Team OutShare license type for your Service Account:

Trial version is a limited functionality 14-day version* that allows you to synchronize, share, and access your data on web considering embedded filtering settings -

Trial version is available for free on the product website:


* Trial version will provide the full functionality (without the embedded filtering settings) until the 15th of October, 2006.


Full version is a fully functional version of 4Team OutShare (for Microsoft Outlook). You can acquire the license for a fully functional version of this software on the product website:, or, equally, you may click the 'Purchase license' link to go directly to the product website and purchase 4Team OutShare license(s) during the Wizard.


When you select the license type, i.e. Trial version license or Full version license, please review the End-User License Agreement accessible by clicking the 'License Agreement' link on this form. If you agree to the terms of this Agreement, select the 'I accept the License Agreement' check box and click the Create button to register your Service Account.

In case you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement and you do not intend to honor it, terminate the Service Account registration.



When you select the Full version license to be set for your Service Account, before finalizing the Service Account registration 'OutShare License Activation' form is opened to enter your Activation Code(s) for purchased OutShare licenses.


Enter your Activation Code(s) on the appropriate edit field(s) of this form and click the Activate button.


If you have not purchased OutShare licenses yet, you can access the product website to acquire 4Team OutShare Synchronizer and/or Web Access Engine licenses directly from the current form by clicking the link:



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Note: If you click the Cancel button on 'OutShare License Activation' form, the Trial version licence is automatically set for your Service Account. Yet, you can activate your acquired OutShare license(s) afterwards using Service Account Administration console, OutShare Synchronizer/OutShare Synchronizer integrated into Microsoft Outlook, or on 'OutShare License Activation' form accessible by going to Windows Start menu All Programs, pointing to 4Team OutShare and selecting Activate on the drop-down menu.