View & edit user details

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You can review and edit all the entered user information, as well as perform additional functions (e.g. send password by e-mail or reset user's password) using the control elements embedded in the 'User Details' form.


To access the 'User Details' form,

  1. Navigate to Service Account, Departments and Users or a certain department the needed user is assigned to on the tree view pane.

  2. Double-click the preferred user on User details list view pane, or alternatively right-click the user and select Openů on the shortcut menu.


User-related information displayed on the 'User Details' form is organized to four separate tabs:

On the 'General' tab of this form you can review and edit the general information of the user, such as:


Equally, you may perform additional actions available from this tab of the 'User Details' form:




On the 'Details' tab of this form you can view and edit the detailed information of the user, containing the following components:


Note: 'Department(s):' field on this tab is not editable, and you can only view to which department(s) the selected user is assigned to. However, if you need to remove or add the user from/to the certain department(s), you can do it at anytime by employing the dynamic menu items and toolbar buttons available on the main Service Account Administration console window.



On the 'Licenses' tab you can view and remove OutShare licenses assigned to the selected user, and the 'Permissions' tab displays the set of permissions the user has for accessing Public Folders as well as the appropriate control elements for changing these permissions.


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