Set permissions to Public Folders

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To set permissions (e.g. Read, Create, Modify, etc.) to the certain Public Folder for your Service Account users, perform the following steps:


  1. Navigate to the folder to set permissions to on the tree view pane, or select it on the Public Folders list view pane.

  2. Access the 'Permissions' form in one of the following ways:

  1. Add Service Account users/user groups to set permissions for.

  2. Select the user or user group to set permissions for listed on the 'Shared with:' list box.

  3. Select the 'Allow' check boxes next to the appropriate permissions listed in the 'Permissions for User/User Group' text box below.



Equally, you may deny the indicated permissions for accessing the selected Public Folder. When you select the 'Deny' check box next to the certain permission, the user becomes unable to perform the appropriate action even if he belongs to a user group where this action is permitted, or the certain permission has been set to him previously.


By default, all Service Account users have the permission to read the contents of Public Folders, and all Service Account administrators have full control (i.e. all available permissions) over the Public Folders within the Service Account. The person who creates a certain Public Folder has the full control over it as well.


You may also find it useful to utilize further control elements embedded in the 'Permissions' form and perform the following actions:





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