Remove users from user groups

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To remove the unneeded user from a certain user group, please do as follows:


  1. Navigate to Service Account or Departments and Users on the tree view pane to remove users from user groups in your Service Account, or navigate to a certain department to remove users from user groups in that department;

  2. Choose the user group to remove users from on Departments and Users list view pane;

  3. Select the user to be removed from the chosen user group on User details list view pane.

  4. Click the Remove User from user group button on the Users toolbar, or alternatively right-click the chosen user and select Remove from User Group on the shortcut menu.


You will be asked to confirm your decision to remove the chosen user from the certain user group in order to avoid unintended actions.


Note: You cannot remove users from the default user group 'Users' in your Service Account as this group contains all the users of your Service Account. However, in this user group you can delete the users permanently from your Service Account.


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