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Service Account Administration console provides the functionality to view, modify, delete and send by e-mail the generated URL's set for accessing Public Folders and/or containing items from web. This functionality is relevant when the external links have been generated by your Service Account users using OutShare Synchronizer integrated into Microsoft Outlook or OutShare Web Access Engine.


When you select Manage Web Access… on the Tools menu, the 'Manage Web Access' form is opened that indicates detailed information of web access links and holds the appropriate control elements for link management.


On this form, information about the generated URL's is organized to eight columns:


Column header



Displays an icon representing Outlook folder/item type (Calendar, Contact, Mail or Task).

Item Name

Name of the folder/item the link was set to.


Full name of the user who has set web access URL to the relevant item.


Current link status (active or expired).

Created Date

Date and time when the link was generated.

Expiration Date

Current expiration date set for the external link.


Full path to the relevant folder/item.

Web Access URL

Full web address (URL).


Using the control elements embedded in the 'Manage Web Access' form, you can perform the following actions:


  1. Select the needed URL listed on the table;

  2. Select or enter a new expiration date on the 'Expiration Date:' combo box;  

  3. Click the Update button.


Additionally, on the 'Select Contacts' form you may also access a standard Outlook 'Contact' form and create new Outlook contacts. In order to utilize this function, select the preferred Contacts folder on the 'Show Users from the:' combo box, click the Add New Contact button on the upper-right corner of this form, and enter new contact information on the standard Outlook 'Contact' form.


  1. Select the URL to be deleted listed on the table;

  2. Click the Delete URL button.



Note: The generated web access links can also be managed using OutShare Synchronizer integrated into Outlook or OutShare Web Access Engine.


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