Log in to Service Account Administration console

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In order to start using Service Account Administration console, first of all you need to log in to your Service Account using the login information you have entered in the Set User Account Wizard.


To log in to your Service Account, perform the following steps:

  1. Access Service Account Administration console.

  1. Enter the login string Login e-mail, Service Account name\Login e-mail, or Service Account name\Alternate login on the 'Login:' edit field of the 'Login' form.

  2. Enter your password on the 'Password:' edit field.

  3. Click the Login button.



Note: If you have registered your user account with the same e-mail address in several Service Accounts, you will need to enter the full login string, i.e. - Service Account name\Login e-mail - on the 'Login:' edit field.


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