Import users from Outlook Contacts

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In order to import contacts stored in your Outlook Contacts folders and create new user accounts from the contact information, perform the following steps:


  1. Select Import Users… on the Tools menu;

  2. On 'Outlook Contacts' tab, select 'Contacts' or any other Outlook Contacts folder listed on 'Show Names from the:' combo box.

  3. Select the preferred contacts to be imported to your Service Account listed on the 'Contatcs' tab of the 'Import Users' form. You can select several contacts at once by holding down CTRL button on the keyboard.

  4. Click the Import button located below the 'Contacts' tab on the right-hand side of the form.


All the imported Outlook contacts will be listed within the 'Imported Users' group box.


You may also use the control elements embedded in the 'Import Users' form to sort the contacts by the indicated characters, create new contacts in Microsoft Outlook, or send an e-mail with user login information to the selected or all imported contacts.





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