Add users to user groups

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You can add users to user groups by performing the following steps:


  1. Navigate to Service Account or Departments and Users on the tree view pane to add users to user groups in your Service Account, or alternatively navigate to a certain department on the tree view pane to add users to user groups in that department;

  2. Choose the user group to add users to on Departments and Users list view pane;

  3. Click the Add User to user group button on the Users toolbar.

  4. Select the preferred user(s) to be added to the chosen user group listed on 'All Users' tab of the 'Add Users' form.

  5. Click the Add button to add the selected users and exit the current form.


Note: Service Account users who already belong to the chosen user group are not listed on 'All Users' tab.


You may also use the control elements embedded in 'Add Users' form to view the disabled user accounts in the list of all users, quickly find the needed users or create new user accounts in your Service Account.




Note: You cannot add users to the default user group 'Users' in your Service Account as this group contains all the users of your Service Account. However, you can still create new users in this user group.


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