how to Resynchronize a folder

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You can resynchronize a folder which has been synchronized previously. This action has the effect of refreshing of all settings configured for the folder and folder synchronization. If you think that not all folder items are synchronized after you have performed synchronization, you can resynchronize this folder. In this case all synchronization settings for this folder will be refreshed. Resynchronization also allows you to change the filters for first folder synchronization.

To resynchronize a particular folder, do the following:

  1. Open the Synchronization Settings tab on the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form.

  2. Select the synchronized folder on the Tree view and click the Resynchronize button.

  3. Filters for First Synchronization form appears. Change the filter if needed and click OK. The process of saving folder contents to the local database starts. Saving progress is shown on the floating progress bar. Click the Hide button if you wish to hide it. While contents of the folder are being saved to the local database, the Cancel button is disabled.

  4. When the process of folder synchronization with the server begins, the Cancel button becomes enabled. Synchronization progress is shown on the floating progress bar and on the main Synchronizer window. If you wish to stop synchronization of the folder, click Cancel button or the Stop button on the main Synchronizer window.

Note: If the folder has subfolders which inherit the same synchronization settings from it, on clicking the Resynchronize button all such subfolders are resynchronized, too.


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