OutShare Components

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4Team OutShare has the following components:

OutShare Synchronizer

OutShare Synchronizer is a separate application, for which licenses should be purchased. It enables you to synchronize your Outlook folders between several computers and to specify what items should be synchronized in each folder by setting synchronization filters. Furthermore, Synchronizer allows you to share your Outlook folders with other OutShare users and to set sharing filters. You can add users of your shared folders in Synchronizer and set permissions for them. Additionally, Synchronizer enables you to use public folders, which can be accessed by all users of your Service Account according to granted permissions. Finally, if you have purchased Web Access Engine licenses, you can view all your synchronized personal folders and OutShare folders (public and shared folders) directly on the Web.


OutShare Web Access Engine

OutShare Web Access Engine is a component of OutShare solution which allows you to view your synchronized Outlook folders, folders you share with other users and all public folders on the Web the same way you do in Outlook. In order to use the Web Access Engine, you should have a Web Access Engine license.


OutShare Service Account Administration

OutShare Service Account Administration is a separate application, which is supplied together with OutShare Synchronizer. It is meant for Service Account and Department administrators and can be used to manage Service Account data even if Outlook isn't installed on the administrator’s computer.

This application enables administrators to create Departments and subdepartments and edit their data, to create users, change their details, add them to Departments and user groups and manage user licenses. Additionally, Service Account Administration allows administrators to manage public folders within their Service Account (except for Department administrators, who haven't been given the necessary permissions) and edit Service Account company and registration data.


OutShare menu in Outlook

When you install OutShare, additional buttons and menu appear in your Outlook main window.

OutShare menu has the following items:


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