Main Synchronizer functions

You can perform the following actions with Synchronizer:

Synchronizer allows you to synchronize your Outlook Personal folders data between several computers, e.g. between your work computer and your home PC. You must log on to OutShare using the same user account on different computers, provided that 4Team OutShare is installed on each of these PCs. When your folder data is synchronized, items in this folder on every computer, where Synchronizer is installed and your OutShare login is the same, are updated according to changes made to the folder on all the other computers, so finally the folder is updated with all the latest changes made on every computer.

You can share your folders with other users, who have 4Team OutShare installed on their PCs. This means that the shared folder will be common to all the users who have been given access to it, and they will be able to perform actions on its content according to permissions granted to them by the owner of the folder. Sharing is impossible without synchronization, as only synchronized items are stored on the server and are available to other users.

Filters allow you to synchronize or share only particular items within your Outlook folders, so only these items will be synchronized or shared. For example, you may choose not to synchronize or share private e-mail items, or Calendar items belonging to particular Outlook Categories.

OutShare folders comprise two folder types - public folders and shared folders.

OutShare Web Access Engine is a component of OutShare solution which allows you to view your synchronized Outlook folders, folders you share with other users and all public folders on the Web the same way you do it in Outlook. In order to use the Web Access Engine, you should have a Web Access Engine license.

An OutShare user can give access to his synchronized Outlook folder/item on the Web to any person, no matter whether this person is an OutShare user or not. When you give Web Access to your Outlook folder/item, a unique Web Access link is generated for each of them. By clicking on this link, any person can be redirected to your Outlook data displayed on the OutShare Web Access Engine.


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