How to use a Web Access link


If you have been given a Web Access link to another user's Outlook folder or a particular folder item, you can use it by simply following the link to the folder/item which was given to you or sent by e-mail.

In order to view the folder/item you have been given a Web Access link to, do the following:

  1. Click on the Web Access link which was given to you/sent by e-mail or enter it in your Web browser and click Enter.

  2. A Web browser window is opened with the OutShare Web Access Engine which displays the folder/item in the same way as it would be in Outlook. At the top of the window, information about the user who granted you Web Access to his Outlook data, what Service Account he belongs to and when the Web Access link expires is shown. You can filter items in the folder the same way as in Outlook.

  3. Close the window to exit.


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