How to set permissions for users of the shared folder

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You can view all users you share a particular folder with either on the Permissions form which appears on click of the Set Permissions button or on the Shared Folder Users tab of the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form. You can also add or remove users of the selected folder here and set the sharing permissions for the shared folder users.

The Shared Folder Users tab is not visible by default, it appears only when the Permit access to this folder to other users check box is selected on the Sharing Settings tab for the particular folder:

In order to set permissions for users of the selected shared folder, do the following:

  1. Add the users of the shared folder.

  2. Set the sharing permissions for each user by clicking the user name in the Shared with: list box and selecting check boxes next to the required permissions in the Permissions for list box below. Users can have the following sharing permissions for a folder:

Note: For Calendar folders, View Free/Busy can't be selected at the same time as any other check box, so if the View Free/Busy check box is selected, all other check boxes are automatically cleared.


  1. When you've finished setting permissions for each user, in order to save the changes:

  1. Click OK to exit the form.

Important: You cannot set permissions for users of the shared folder, if a connection with the server is not established or is lost.


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