How to enable your user account

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If you have disabled your user account yourself, do the following:

  1. Contact your Service Account administrator (Service Account administrators can administrate the Service Account they belong to and the users' details within this Service Account. Additionally, they can administrate public folders within their Service Account) by phone or e-mail.

  2. After your Service Account administrator enables your user account again, open the Advanced Settings tab on the OutShare Settings form.

  3. In the Connection mode section, select the Work in Server mode radio button.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.

  6. Click OK to exit the form.

  7. Click the Log In button, select Log In from the File menu on the main Synchronizer window, or right-click the Synchronizer icon on the taskbar notification area and select Log In from the menu.

  8. The Login form appears. Log in with your usual login and password.

Important: If your user account was disabled by your Service Account administrator, contact him by phone or e-mail. After your user account is enabled, you should switch to online state.

During the further synchronization all changes made to your Outlook data while your user account was disabled will be sent from the local database to the server.


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