how to configure synchronization settings for a folder

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In order to configure the synchronization settings for the preferred folder, do the following:

  1. Open the Synchronization Settings tab on the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form.

  2. Select the preferred folder (Folders which can't be synchronized are marked in grey. These are: Deleted Items, Journal, Junk E-mail, Notes and Outbox) on the Tree view.

  3. Select the Synchronize this folder check box.

  4. By default, the Apply filter check box is selected automatically for every folder, which is to be synchronized. A description of the default synchronization filter is displayed on the Synchronization filter description list box, depending on the folder type. You can change the synchronization filters for the folder if you wish. If you don't want to apply any synchronization filters to the folder, clear the Apply filter check box.

Note: The synchronization filters allow you to selectively choose what folder items will be synchronized, and only those items will be synchronized with the server. These filters enable you to synchronize only the items you really need.

  1. Click Apply. This starts the process of saving folder items to the local database. You can see the folder status on the Synchronizer main window.

  2. When you synchronize a folder for the first time, clicking the Apply button opens the Filters for first synchronization form so you can exclude unnecessary items from this and all the following synchronization processes.

  3. Select the next folder on the Tree view you want to configure synchronization settings for, or click OK to exit the form and start folder synchronization.

Note: If you've chosen to configure synchronization settings for several folders, you should synchronize these folders after you've finished configuring their synchronization settings. Otherwise not all folders may be synchronized.

Additionally, you can apply the same settings to all subfolders of the selected folder. In this case all subfolders will have the same settings as the parent folder.

If you wish to quickly configure the synchronization settings for folders that have not been synchronized yet, use the Synchronization and Sharing Wizard.

Note: When you click OK you will be asked whether you wish to start synchronization immediately, unless you have cleared the Ask me before starting synchronization when folder settings are changed check box on the Synchronization Options tab of the OutShare Settings form.


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