How to add a shared folder user from your Outlook contacts

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In order to add a user for the selected shared folder from your Outlook contacts, do the following:

  1. Click the Add... button on the Shared Folder Users tab or the Permissions form, which appears when you click the Set Permissions button on the Sharing Settings tab. The Select Contacts form appears:

  1. Select Contacts or Contacts type folder on the Show Users from the: combo box, if it is not selected. All your Outlook Contacts are shown on the Contacts list box, and their details are displayed in the columns Full Name, Display Name and E-mail Address.

  2. Type the name of the user in the text box to quickly find him or select the user from the list box and click the 'Add ->' button to add him to shared folder users. You can also double-click the user in the list box.

  3. If you want to remove a user from the users' list, click the 'Remove <-' button. Click Clear All, if you want to remove all users from the users' list.

  4. Additionally, if you don't have the required user you want to share the folder with in your Contacts list, you can add new Outlook Contact to your Contacts list directly from the Select Contacts form. To do so, click the Add New Contact button. The standard Outlook form for new Contact appears.

Note: If the newly added Contact hasn't appeared in the Contacts list on the Select Contacts form, navigate to the other folder on the Show Users from the: combo box and then return back to the previous folder.

  1. When you've added all shared folder users, click OK to exit the form. All newly added users of the shared folder are displayed in the Shared with: list box on the Permissions form.

  2. You can now set sharing permissions for each user of the folder on the Shared Folder Users tab or Permissions form.

Important: You cannot add a shared folder user if a connection with the server is not established or is lost.

Note: If there is only one user in your Service Account or there are several users in your Service Account, but connection with the server is lost, Contacts type folder will be selected on the Show Users from the: combo box by default.


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