About Public Folder Properties form

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You can view properties of your OutShare folders (public folders and shared folders) on the Public Folder Properties form. You can also set permissions for public folders on this form if you have permission for it. To access the Public Folder Properties form, do one of the following:

Public Folder Properties form appears:

On the left pane the Tree view of all your OutShare folders is displayed. When you select a particular folder on the Tree view, the list of all permissions you have for this folder is displayed on the right pane. These permissions are read-only and cannot be changed.

Permissions for public folders:

You can set permissions for users of the selected public folder, if you have been given ‘Set Permissions’ permission for the Service Account or Department. In this case the Set Permissions button is enabled. Otherwise, the Set Permissions button is disabled.

Additionally, you can exclude selected public or shared folders from synchronization on your computer. You can also choose to exclude all public folders from synchronization on your computer.


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